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In creating artwork, I seek to create bold and iconic pieces that become landmarks cherished by the community. I try to make them universally appealing and subjective so that people experiencing the art can add their own meaning to the piece. I take careful consideration of the environment so as to be in aesthetic harmony with the surrounding area in terms of color, position, scale, etc.

In the design process, I enjoy sitting down with the client and getting to know their perspective and what is important. I work back and forth in the design process until everyone involved is satisfied. Only then will I proceed with fabrication.

When fabricating sculptures, I focus on using quality durable materials that will endure hundreds of years of service. My work is low maintenance, cleanable, and safe for public use.

I enjoy people interacting closely with my sculptures. It is one of the highest compliments when someone wants to touch my sculptures or have their picture taken with it.

With my artwork I want people to become curious, to slow down, to introspect. Over time I want people to form memories around my work and to feel a little bit happier in their life. “Remember when we did ____ near that sculpture?”

Art provides a break from the hustle of life.


All of my sculptures create unique space. A landmark that becomes a meet-up. A prop for a photo opportunity. A break from the normalcy of life with a spark of creativity.

Looking at specific examples. My “Lion's Tree of Life” commissioned by Kennewick High School transformed a formerly austere campus into a forward thinking “fun” environment. They later commissioned me to create the “Lion Bike Rack” which only furthered their unique look of the school.

The “Fruits of Our Labor” sculpture transformed what was a bare, boring, quiet corner of the sidewalk into a premier photo op and and source of free smiles.

“Lazy River” transformed a park with little traffic into a new destination to go look at the sculpture.

“Solar Arches” inspired a group of young people to know that anything is possible and that their ideas can become reality.

“Spokane Firestation” perked up a spartan road traveled by visitors from the airport into an artful road with an interesting landmark.

“Desert Grass” renewed a dusty roundabout into a city landmark greeting travelers from the highway and further strengthening the city's creative appeal.

My sculptures bring color to a gray landscape and curves to a linear environment. They bring joy to people both young and old. They encourage curiosity and remind people of the beauty in life.


Building and creating things is in my blood and is on my mind at all times.

Having been raised by two professional artists, I have been immersed in the art world my entire life. From the beginning, I have been going to art openings, art festivals, art museums and sculpture parks. With access to creative tools and materials, I was able to explore many mediums.

Being unschooled, I was allowed to escape conventional curriculum and delve into philosophy, physics, nature, health, spirituality, aesthetics, and creativity among many other things. All of which are the basis of my artwork.

In addition, I am heavily influenced by environment, simplicity, balance, and symbolism.

At the age of 13, I acquired a job as a dishwasher at a jazz club. I spent all my money on metal working tools. At the age of 14, I created my first steel sculpture. By age 15, I entered the professional realm and have been growing ever since.

Metal is infinitely malleable. It's strength, longevity, and flexibility are attributes that I admire in material and strive for in myself.

Few things are more satisfying than the evolution of magnificent sculptures. What was raw plates of steel, becomes a potent symbol of aesthetics.

Working in the medium of metal is an honor because the requirements of experience, tools, facilities, and materials are uncommon. I am lucky to have to have accumulated all of those elements over the years.

Being a sculptor has allowed me to be free to express myself and learn about the world.

The three tools I use the most are the plasma cutter, welder, and angle grinder. Secondary tools include, the english wheel, box brake, tubing bender, oxy-acetylene, and hammers among other tools.

I love exploring new ways to advance my sculpture…

Novel uses of tools.

Incorporation of exotic materials.

New compositions.

Unique finishes.

The blending of skills.

The fusion of mediums

Shadows play an important role in my sculptures. Not only do shadows give depth and enhance space; they make the sculpture kinetic in the way that the shadows move and cast ethereal imprints on objects around it. Sometimes, aspect of the sculptures only become evident on examination of the shadows. Stone Henge is perhaps an example where shadows really have meaning.

When I work with metal I am reminded that a human with only flesh, bones, and consciousness can infinitely influence the seemingly unchangeable world as much as one can infinitely manipulate the apparently ridged steel.

I begin a project with a preconceived concept in mind. For commissions, I render this concept further and once approved will follow it to completion. For my own work of exploration, the preconceived concept often evolves when being carried out in physical form.

When people view my work, I intend for them to draw in, to invoke positivity, and to remember it. Art tells stories, art creates a singular space, art unites people, art conveys that which cannot be expressed any other way.

I enjoy art that is bold, abstract, symbolic, and unusual.

Art that tells a story without words.

Art that makes you think, or better yet, feel.

My life is devoted to sculpture; the improvement of myself and the world beyond.

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